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XRP Price (XRP/USD) | Today’s Price


Mon, Jun 27, 2022


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Cryptocurrency pricing data can help investors find opportunities in the market and make more informed investment decisions.

While everyday investors probably don’t need every last bell and whistle to make informed investment decisions, there are some generally applicable key crypto metrics and indicators worth considering: Price: As with any investment, price is where it starts and ends for investors.

XRP was among the first cryptocurrencies to launch after bitcoin minted the crypto market in 2010, with an eye toward faster and cheaper crypto transactions.

“Inherently, the idea is for XRP to replace the SWIFT network for cross-border transactions,” says Yoni Medhin , a crypto mining expert and a member of the advisory board for investing firm Energy Funders.

While XRP has a market cap that places it in the top 10 for crypto, regulatory issues with the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) have weighed on Ripple and XRP’s value.

Ripple has been embroiled in a lawsuit brought by the SEC since 2020, making it the center of controversy in the crypto industry and difficult for investors in the United States to purchase XRP, according to Wendy O , a crypto expert and educator.

“The SEC is accusing them of offering unregistered securities, but they brought the suit somewhat late,” O says, referring to a lawsuit that revolves around the SEC’s view of XRP as a security, a view that’s at odds with Ripple’s claims that XRP is a currency.

Ripple describes itself as a global payments network and its native token XRP functions as a way to settle payments between financial institutions and digital asset exchanges.

Ripple is a San Francisco startup company that develops software that banks use to facilitate fast, global financial transactions, and the majority holder of cryptocurrency XRP.

There are also plenty of critics who say XRP doesn’t offer any real intrinsic value at all compared to other cryptocurrencies.

“There’s some residual value on the backend of XRP, but it’s not the only blockchain that could be used for this.” Trying to place value on XRP is also difficult because of the lawsuit, Qureshi points out.

“But the question is: does XRP have a future?” For now, the main thing holding XRP afloat is the investors and community that believe XRP will emerge victorious from its SEC lawsuit and be widely adopted for cross-border transactions.

As XRP’s price fluctuates, which it does frequently, so too does its market capitalization.

In the past few weeks, XRP’s price has ranged from 32 cents to $1.80, which translates into a significant range in market capitalization: $0.32 x $48 billion = $ 15.4 billion $1 x $48 billion = $48 billion $1.80 x $48 billion = $86.4 billion You can’t buy XRP on popular centralized U.S. cryptocurrency exchanges, like Coinbase and Gemini, without jumping through hoops.

In order to buy XRP with U.S. dollars, you might need to search for a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) that allows you to swap other crypto for XRP, or that allows you to use U.S. dollars to make your purchase.

Before investing in any risky alternative assets like XRP, prioritize building your emergency fund, paying off high-interest debt, and investing in a traditional retirement plan.

“It did benefit from the excitement around cryptocurrencies toward the end of 2017 and into 2018.” Part of the reason XRP peaked at just about $3.37 in January 2018 was because of the overall excitement around cryptocurrency at the time.

At the time, XRP had become the third most valuable cryptocurrency after bitcoin and ether.

“It’s impossible to say what will happen later with XRP, but for now everything is down and likely will remain down for some time.” Bitcoin and XRP are similar in that they both offer ways to send money, but XRP is faster and cheaper way to settle financial transactions than bitcoin, making it better for financial institutions who want to leverage its technology.

“It used to have value in its function to send payments to other people, but it’s unwieldy and slow now.” From an investment perspective, experts say bitcoin is likely to remain the main store of value in the digital asset space, while XRP is likely to continue its enable cheap and fast transactions and may potentially expand its technology to bigger financial institutions.

However, Medhin says it’ll be an uphill battle for XRP before it’s considered at the same playing field as bitcoin in terms of value, considering it’s “bad rap” in the community and its ongoing lawsuit with the SEC.

“It’s hard to really understand the point of XRP as a cryptocurrency,” Medhin says.

XRP’s price recently dropped significantly amid a broader crypto market crash and has been holding steady near 30 cents.

Cryptocurrency prices are volatile, and there’s no guarantee that XRP will remain viable in the long run.

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