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Top 5 Payment Gateways for Cryptocurrency In 2021


Fri, Nov 26, 2021


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You must be asking yourself how crypto payment gateways can ensure you offer your customers the option to pay using their preferred crypto.

With crypto’s growing popularity, many businesses have added crypto as a transaction method.

Businesses and corporations that use crypto to transact stand to benefit from the ever-changing paradigm.

If you have an ecommerce business, there is a high chance you already accept bank and wire transfers as payment methods.

Sellers can receive payment in any significant cryptocurrencies through payment gateways for crypto .

Customers can pay in the form of any crypto they prefer provided it’s accepted by the merchant.

The payment method will be integrated with other forms of digital payment methods such as wire transfer, chip, and pin transactions.

Payment gateways have a variety of benefits, including: Speed- transactions are completed almost instantly, unlike conventional methods such as wire transfers.

Security- users must undergo multiple verifications before the payment can be completed to ensure transparency and safety for both the seller and customer.

Economic- crypto payment gateways are affordable as they charge very low fees or no fees at all.

Simple to use- the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies as payment, setting up transfers, and converting to other coins or fiat has been dramatically simplified.

Simply put, payment gateways for crypto function in various ways, but they are not different from traditional ones.

The primary function is to allow users to transact using a variety of crypto as they would using bank transfer or debit cards.

As a seller, you need to choose the different types of crypto you will accept as payment based on the service offers.

Some payment gateways provide both personal wallets and exchange or conversion services.

It enables the seller to change the payment into different types of crypto, for instance, from BTC to Litecoin.

It communicates the payment details in crypto to the merchant’s server through an SSL encrypted connection.

The merchant will then transfer the customer payments details to the platform’s admin through an encrypted SSL connection.

The admin then further transfers the details to the payment gateway.

Now that you know about the role of crypto payment gateways, let us look at the top options you may consider when taking the step to offer crypto payment options to your customers.

The leading crypto payments provider processed €1.25 billion worth of crypto in 2020 and managed over €2.3 billion already this year (August 2021).

Merchants can receive, store and exchange cryptocurrencies or use them to pay for other expenses through their crypto wallet.

Awards: AIBC Summit Awards: Payment Provider of the Year and 1st crypto gateway to pass 2 security audits (Kaspersky Labs & 10Guards).

It integrates with Shapeshift, allowing users to transact all sorts of cryptocurrencies, and also provides a wide range of plugins for eCommerce platforms.

Users are assured of secure transactions and fast withdrawals as Bitpay also comes with a function that lets a merchant set the withdrawal speed.

Supports 90+ crypto wallets.

Transacts crypto, fiat and a mix of both.

Are you a small-scale merchant looking for a payment gateway for crypto?

Opennode is designed for small businesses that intend to start accepting crypto as a transaction method.

Payment gateways for crypto come in handy for merchants looking to expand their businesses and reach more customers.

Unlike fiat currency that is highly regulated and expensive for sellers, these gateways are secure, easy to use, and less costly.

Use this as a guide to select the crypto payment gateway that suits your unique needs.

A suitable gateway should charge low fees, offer multiple services, guarantee secure transactions for users and have exceptional customer service

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