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The metaverse will be buzzing in 2022


Fri, Jan 14, 2022


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Following increased interest in big tech companies like Microsoft, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Nvidia , expect the metaverse to grab more headlines in 2022.

Leaders across diverse industries — including blockchain, gaming, arts, retail, fashion, healthcare, and more — are digging deep to understand the immersive world of the metaverse and how to position themselves as key players in an emerging ecosystem.

In the words of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg — what will the metaverse ecosystem look like this year?

But what really is the metaverse?

While there have been numerous conversations around metaverses and the future of Web 3.0, more discussions are certain to spring up this year as we see more events like the upcoming Metaverse Summit 2022.

It enables persistent, decentralized, collaborative, interoperable digital content that intersects with the physical world’s real-time, spatially oriented and indexed content.” The metaverse will provide the opportunity to see our virtual presence supplement the physical one.

Several decentralized projects claim that big tech giants like Meta will pose a threat to the open/decentralized metaverse , where users have a say in how platforms are run.

While the increased interest of big tech companies has skyrocketed the metaverse hype, many decentralized metaverses like The Sandbox, Decentraland, Wilder World, Starlink, and others had been building different metaverse projects long before now.

While there are several metaverse projects out there — including Treeverse , CryptoTanks , Metahero , and others — investors are watching these three metaverses based on their market caps, exciting innovations, and founders.

The Sandbox is a decentralized metaverse reminiscent of Minecraft built on Ethereum, where users can buy Land as nonfungible tokens (NFTs) that they can customize and monetize.

The token associated with The Sandbox is SAND, and with a market cap of $4.5 billion, as well as recently launching their limited time, play-to-earn alpha on November 29th, this metaverse is one that investors can watch out for in 2022.

Wilder World is a newer metaverse than The Sandbox and Decentraland.

Built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and its sister company, Wilder World is a metaverse based on photorealism.

Wilder World’s team consists of experienced 5D artists — including founder Frank Wilder and Chad Knight who was previously at Nike — that help to create exquisite in-game graphics for Wilder World’s metaverse.

The first city built in the Wilder World metaverse is #Wiami, a 1 to 1 replica of the city Miami.

Like Miami in real life, Wilder World says #Wiami is poised to become the crypto hub of the metaverse.

In a Forbes article , Vlad Panchenko, the CEO and founder of DMarket , said that the metaverse of the future will include the following: Ubiquitous networking Blockchain with NFTs Extended Reality (XR) with VR and AR Other newer technologies Pachenko also added that the metaverse will grow into the omniverse with multiple cross-chain possibilities.

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