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The Blossoming Scene of the Photography NFTs - the advnatges


Fri, Jan 14, 2022


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In the world of photography new collectives are in formation and photographers are interacting with digital images in a whole new way.

More recently, the photographer behind a famous photo of Stephen Hawking announced his NFT-ication of the image.

He, along with many other photographers can see the value of reinviting their work and images through crypto innovations.

Recently the photographer listed this photograph as an NFT, in a collection of other photographs from the same concert on the BlockParty marketplace.

Photography NFTs carry over the ability to produce images in open or limited editions, however with the added value of traceability and non-mutability.

This feature inherent to NFTs prevents photographic counterfeits, as has been proven so valuable in the fashion world.

Build the first Web3 Native NFT photography archive,” are Obscura’s objectives according to a Tweet .

This is a space which actively encourages the collision of the NFT and photographic worlds.

It intends to produce NFT photographic collections of both well-known photographers and “rising stars.” Plus, the Trust facilitates regular discussions on photography and NFTs. It isn’t the only online space photographers are finding their voice.

As quickly as the photography world and the NFT space are creasing into one another, some still find NFTs out of the question.

The popular photography discussion and community organizer, Andy Adams aka FlakPhoto recently polled his following of over 110K on whether or not they want NFT news.

At the time 68.5% of those who participated in the poll said they are not interested in “#NFTphoto news.” The responding Tweets revealed that despite the inevitable clash of industries and the promising use cases for photographers, some still voice there is no need for NFTs. However, a few days prior to the poll Adams Tweeted to those with less interest.

That’s an opportunity to learn about and engage with these pictures.” Conclusion As the “NFT boom” booms into another year, the world (and metaverse) will continue to see new use cases.

The photography scene will continue its collision with NFTs. Photographers, as other artists, will continue to do what they do best, make images.

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