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STEPN Project and GMT&GST Cryptocurrency Overview


Wed, May 25, 2022


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Well, the new-generation STEPN project makes it real: buy NFT sneakers, move, and earn money for being super-duper active.

That’s actually all you need to earn the system’s internal tokens.

Users can earn GMT tokens by walking, jogging, or running.

Previously, everyone was just looking for creatures in the Pokemon GO game, but now you don’t need to climb into the wild: just move wherever you want and earn.

To start earning money, you need to download the app on your phone.

Connect STEPN’s wallet and transfer some Solana tokens.

I just want to earn.” The thing is that the STEPN app runs on the SOL currency, so you need to have it.

Run, walk, and jog anywhere in the world and earn points that actually are in-game currency, GST.

Where is this hyping GMT token?

The STEPN app works with two types of tokens: GMT and GST.

The GMT token is the governance token of the STEPN project.

With a limited supply of 6,000,000,000 GMT, it can be earned through a classic tokenization process such as a token generation event.

Besides, GMT can be earned by simply walking, jogging, or running outside.

The easiest way to make money on GMT tokens is to exchange them or cash them out.

Please note that GMT can be swapped to USDC, but only after your sneakers reach the 30th level.

GST, an in-game utility token, can be used to purchase goods in the app.

There are five characteristics of sneakers in the game: Attributes.

It includes efficiency (how many GST tokens you earn while moving), luck (the quality and frequency of a Mystery box drop), comfort (affects the rate at which you earn GMT tokens), and, finally, resilience (durability of your NFT).

You can reset the attribute points by burning in-game tokens.

The NFT Sneakers have different levels.

To upgrade the level of their sneakers, users have to burn GST tokens.

When your sneakers reach the 30th level, you can customize them by burning the tokens.

In an era when we all began to move less, and there is less motivation for sports and walks, STEPN is a great way to pump your muscles and earn real money from it!

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