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It's a wrap for India’s BIGGEST web3 hackathon

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Fri, Dec 24, 2021


Aliens TLDR

The workshops and sessions hosted are: DAY 1 BUIDL IT : Intro to Blockchain and Solidity with Pulkit Mittal DAY 2 BUIDL IT : DeFi, NFTs, and DAO with Piyush Maheshawari and Aishwary Gupta DAY 3 BUIDL IT : Building with Scaffold-ETH with Austin Griffith DAY 4 BUIDL IT : Scaling your dApps with Polygon with Xiangan He DAY 5 BUIDL IT : Fastest way to build Polygon dApps with Moralis with Ivan Lijeqvist DAY 6 BUIDL IT : Learning with Polygon academy with Xiangan He DAY 7 BUIDL IT : Building with one unified API with Leilani Ledinghan and Harish Raisinghani DAY 8 BUIDL IT : Oracles, Decentralized data and Off-chain computation with Harry Papacharissiou DAY 9 BUIDL IT : Building scalable dApps on Polygon using Alchemy with Elan Halpern DAY 10 BUIDL IT : How to build a successful Web3 business with Arjun Kalsy, Vaas Bhaskar, Kanav Kariya and Matthew Graham DAY 11 BUIDL IT : Augmenting your DeFi Apps with money streaming with Sam Flamini DAY 12 BUIDL IT : Decloud is the new DeFi with Vishnu Karode DAY 13 BUIDL IT : Governance and DAOs with Chase Chapman, Marco Moshi, Ivan Fortunov and Mateusz Rzeszowski DAY 14 BUIDL IT : NFT Design Workshop with Kashish Arora DAY 15 BUIDL IT : Where NFT matters with Konstantin Tkachuk DAY 16 BUIDL IT : Decentralizatied storage on Polygon with Nghia Ng DAY 17 BUIDL IT : NFT Panel with Nick Rose, Ben Lakoff and Amartya Hari Pilaka DAY 18 BUIDL IT : Built-in security OpenZeppelin contracts with Smriti Arora Participants were given the choice of multiple tracks and challenges for the hackathon.

Check out the Devfolio submission 👉 2nd Prize LunarPay Crypto Payments This project is one of the most essential building blocks to make crypto payments mainstream and power the next wave of crypto e-commerce. 3rd Prize Devparty Social Media for developers with a proper Web3 implementation and great UI/UX. 1st Prize Musomatic A great implementation of tying the Music industry with NFTs. This project aims to incentivize artists while connecting them with their fans on a deeper level. 2nd Prize MetaBulls A brilliant 3D metaverse to hang around and challenge your friend or showcase your NFTs. 3rd Prize Chesspos A well-built chess dApp with Web3 implementation and all the features needed for a great chess game. 1st Prize Gamla Fund A fantastic implementation of the traditional Chit Funds logic into a DeFi dApp. 2nd Prize dSIP This amazing project incorporates the traditional SIP concept into a dApp which automates different strategies to manage portfolios with minimum user interference. 1st Prize NIFTY BRIDGE It is a Cross-Chain platform to transfer NFTs (ERC721/ERC1155) between EVM-compatible chains in a three-step easy-to-use UX. 2nd Prize NFT Multisender An amazing tool to send NFTs in bulk to multiple addresses at the same time. 3rd Prize This project is an NFT based Authentication tool for gated communities. Best mobile-based NFT marketplace with a great UI/UX. 1st Prize ($7000) Best cross-chain NFT bridge dApp with a simple to use UI. 2nd Prize ($5000) A great tool to send NFTs in bulk to multiple addresses at the same time. A well-built metaverse project with added interactive capabilities. And here are all the incredible projects that emerged as the pool prize winners of the Hackathon:, Bet 5 Game, CaesorDAO,canSwap, CB Swap, ChessVerse, Collective, Creator Nation, DAOlaal, DeBox, Descrow, DevNFT, GrantéStudio, Kolumn, Metapass, MINIT, NFsTreamer, Omnid, OpenShelf | OpenDesk, OpenStore, PolyGens, PolyMurti, PolyTickets, DeRummy, Recon, Tambola, The Unstoppable shop, Vendo, Polyess♔, ETH my Song, Tokenify, Land Registration Using Blockchain, Super Payroll, PolyGenart, The Collective Truth, Vendo, DBeats, Metaverse Debouche, BharatID, NFT-Zap, EYWA Cross-chain Data and Liquidity Protocol,Fraternity DAO and Cosmo Infinitas.

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