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How Google’s New Crypto Ad Policy Works


Thu, May 26, 2022


Aliens TLDR

Google updated its financial products and services policy to allow crypto advertisements.

Furthermore, paid-for marketing and advertising are essential for crypto projects to be successful.

Promoting crypto wallets and exchanges using Google Ads Crypto ads Google does not allow Is it worthwhile to advertise a crypto project on Google?

Google’s updated policy now allows certain crypto projects to advertise under strict conditions.

In its updated policy , Google says, “Due to the complex and evolving nature of regulations related to cryptocurrencies and related products and services, we only allow them to be advertised in limited circumstances,” Similarly, Google allows crypto ads under these circumstances: Projects that do not allow for the exchanging, purchasing, or holding of crypto (on condition to other Google ad policies).

According to Google’s policy, examples of these include: Businesses accepting payment in cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency mining hardware Tax and legal services Security services Platforms that rely on blockchain for operations and do not market or sell cryptocurrencies or tokens Educational materials Crypto exchanges and wallets are allowed to advertise on Google so long as: “the advertiser is a licensed provider, the products and ads comply with local laws and industry standards, and the account is certified by Google.” Above all, the updated policy certainly is a change that will make it much easier for many crypto businesses to promote their offerings.

Likewise, Google allows for ads in specific locations but has limited advertisers to: Crypto exchanges can only advertise in Canada Crypto wallets and exchanges can advertise in Israel, Japan, and the U.S. In short, crypto projects that meet the criteria can apply for certification here.

Google has a non-exhaustive list of crypto projects that are not allowed to advertise on its platform.

This includes but is not limited to: Ads for initial coin offerings ( ICO ) DeFi trading protocols Crypto trading signals Crypto investment advice Broker reviews Before launching an advertising campaign for a crypto project, it is imperative to have a marketing strategy in place.

There are many alternative ways to advertise a crypto project .

That is to say, while Google’s advertising policy is a step in the right direction, other marketing, and advertising methods do exist for crypto projects to utilize.

There are extremely strict rules in place for projects to be approved to advertise on Google but it is crucial to conduct thorough research and due diligence before investing in any project

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