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Everything Elon Musk Has Planned for Twitter


Thu, May 26, 2022


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If all these grand ideas come to fruition—and the deal itself is done—what could the Twitter of Elon Musk look like?

Musk has clarified that his pursuit of free speech means being “against censorship that goes far beyond the law”.

He’s also claimed that were he to take ownership of Twitter, it would be “geared towards the middle 80% of the population,” leaving both the far right and the far left “dissatisfied.” Bot-busting While free speech has been the most headline-grabbing of Musk’s ideas, it is the elimination of spam bots that he has fingered as his top priority.

At TED 2022, in Vancouver, he said that bots and “scam armies” make Twitter “much worse.” "If I had a Dogecoin for every crypto scam I see, I'd have 100 billion Dogecoins." Premium subscriptions Twitter Blue, which costs $3 a month, was introduced last year as the platform’s first-ever subscription offering.

Musk has said, in a since-deleted tweet, that anyone who pays for the service should also get a blue “verified” check mark, though he clarified that these should appear different to the badges Twitter already gives out to users it deems active and notable.

With a goal of 69 million Twitter Blue users by 2025, Musk is certainly confident that whatever changes he makes to the premium option—and to the platform at large—will make it worth paying for.

Users could expect to see some kind of payments feature added to Twitter if Musk takes the helm.

The former Paypal CEO has said that combining multiple functions into one app, comparable to China’s WeChat, would be “really useful.” When talking about the possibility on the All-In Podcast, Musk said payments could be one part of the offering for such a platform, “whether it’s crypto or fiat.” However, he also said that converting Twitter into this "super app" was just one option, with the alternative being to build a new app from scratch.

Taking to Twitter, the people behind the venture said: “Both Twitter and Bluesky realized that our independence is important to the success of the project, which is why we established an independent company to ensure that we serve the broadest possible interests.” Copy article link Want to be a crypto expert?

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