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Creating a decentralized AR platform: Interview with OVR COO Diego di Tommaso

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Tue, Dec 07, 2021


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AR gives users an interactive real-world environment and has emerged with multiple use cases.

OVR is an aggregator platform that aims to solve the pain points in the AR market.

In conversation with Diego di Tommaso, the COO of OVR we talked about the platform, Metaverses, the OVR token, and much more.

1. What was the vision behind creating the OVR platform?

OVR is the decentralized platform for the AR Metaverse.

Blockchain is the infrastructure that allows for community ownership of this AR Metaverse, the alternative to the dystopian FANG-owned metaverse.

What I can say is that we have a very different vision, first of all, we’re mainly focused on AR (even if we also have VR capabilities) while the incumbents, in the open metaverse space, (Decentraland, Sandbox and others) are focused on VR.

We do have direct competitors building open AR Metaverses but what I think set us apart is an infrastructural vision, we do have very successful vertical use-cases – like our treasure hunt, more than 1 mln physical locations explored – but our focus is different, we are focused on creating the tooling to build the AR Metaverse: OVRLand ownership layer: community-owned world map powered by NFT standard OVRMapping layer: crowdsourced 3D mapping of the physical world for precise geo-localization OVR SDK: powerful tools to build state of the art AR/VR experiences What I see in the execution of direct competitors is a stronger focus on vertical use cases such as gaming or Snapchat AR-like kinds of developments.

For sure the path we chose is the harder one but also what we believe to be the only one for building the future of AR Metaverse.

Just like in the web if you own a web domain you can decide the content of the website, OVRlands are Spatial Domains, if you own an OVRLand you can decide what’s the AR content will be visualized on the geographical location represented by the NFT.

5. How is OVR ensuring community and user engagement with the platform?

OVR allows for several engagements and earning opportunities: create AR/VR experiences and games, meet people in the metaverse interacting between photorealistic avatars, participate to live virtual concerts and events, visit AR/VR art galleries, participate in “PokemonGo” style treasure hunts to earn tokens and NFTs, participate to map2earn.

6. Tell us more about the OVR token and its distribution?

OVR token has been distributed through and IBCO.

Our IBCO collateral is DAI and OVR cannot withdraw such collateral from the AMM (all except 50K/month) this ensures liquidity to the market, at the time of writing the IBCO has accumulated over 14 Mln in DAI.

IPFS nodes will be launched in the coming months and will allow for OVR infrastructure to be even more unstoppable.

Those can range from play2earn gaming experiences, like our treasure hunt where you can collect tokens and NFTs, to live events with avatars of DJs that create virtual concerts, virtual galleries where not only you can see the art in AR/VR but you can also meet the artist through his avatar.

We have several developments in the pipeline with a team of 26 devs constantly building, yet the ones that have an imminent release and I’m more excited about are map2earn and AI NFTs. Map2earn is a technology that will allow for high precision geolocation of AR assets in space: currently geolocated AR is based on GPS but such technology has a big limitation, 6 mt in accuracy outdoor and basically it does not work indoors.

We built a technology that allows users with the simple 2d cameras of their phones to create a 3D map of OVRLands.

It will be a game-changer for the AR Metaverse and it will create a new economy for OVR users that will have a new way to earn by mapping physical locations.

With respect to partnerships we have several upcoming, Polygon where we’re moving in the next 2 months, Threedium a startup specialized in building 3D assets from pictures, and weekly, new collaborations with NFT projects creating geolocalized treasure hunt on our platform, just to name a few: Doge Pound, SolChicks, Rario, RektRacoons, XI Panters, imToken.

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