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Chatsite Pivots its Content Moderation A.I. to Battling Discord Scammers


Fri, Jun 24, 2022


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While the crypto industry is focused on building the decentralized Web3 future, centralized Web2 platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Telegram are where the community lives today.

Founded in 2021 by Marcus Naughton, Chatsight calls itself a "safety as a service company" designed to provide an added layer of security to social media platforms like Discord and Telegram.

(artificial intelligence) tech and bridge it out to platforms like Discord, Telegram, and others as they come along with the eventual goal of providing safety tools for on-chain networks." Discord is a popular place for DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) to organize and collaborate.

In May, Security firm PeckShield posted an alert to Twitter saying that scammers had exploited NFT marketplace OpenSea's Discord server to promote a scam NFT mint.

Following the exploit, a Bored Ape Yacht Club co-founder lashed out at Discord on June 4, saying the popular communications app "isn't working for Web3 communities." While Chatsight is meant for deployment on social media platforms, Naughton explains, the focus is on scams and phishing attacks, not content moderation, adding, "the one thing everyone can agree upon is [that] scams are bad." Chatsight started as an A.I. content moderation platform for social networks, Naughton explains, but pivoted after he spoke with a crypto Telegram group owner who was paying around $5,000 to have physical people monitor the channel.

"When you build your communities on these platforms, you're expressly signing up to the fact that you are now taking security back into your own hands.” Naughton says Chatsight aims to act as a managed security partner, "a quasi antivirus," giving users a suite of tools for monitoring their Discord servers.

Naughton says that the freemium product includes features that provide extra security, including Enterprise Cloudflare, Discord account verification, checking the account's reputation across Discord, and punishments ranging from a 30-minute time-out to bans for accounts that are repeatedly flagged.

For Naughton, the flaw in the current version of the internet is that users are handing over the assets they own (plans, designs, missions, etc.) to third parties like Discord, Twitter, and Telegram to host and hopefully provide security.

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