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A Deep Dive Into Era7: Game Of Truth, a Play-To-Earn NFT Trading Card Game


Fri, Nov 26, 2021


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Era7’s ‘Game Of Truth’ joins GameFi and offers players mildly competitive entertainment that provides an avenue to earn.

Era7 is a gaming platform built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that blends TCG (trading card gaming) with fast-paced competitive gameplay while incorporating NFT-themed play-to-earn features.

Era7 backers and partners are strategically aligned with the vision and mission of the gaming platform, bringing industry experience and the valuable connections necessary to position Era7 as a cutting-edge NFT-powered trading card gaming platform.

Elaine, Mother of Light, a Game of Truth NFT Master Card There are 1,000 exquisitely crafted cards in total – Master Cards for summoning and other functionalities and Battle Cards for combat gameplay.

The Game of Truth is a three-minute battle game designed to utilize strategic thinking to help players increase their competitive advantage, evolve strategically while they play, dive into the adventure of a lifetime and connect with like-minded gamers worldwide.

The NFT-based trading card gaming platform aims to become the gamer’s choice by offering mildly competitive and fast-paced gaming.

Players will be able to obtain valuable tokens as well as NFT incentives during the game battles.

Era7 is built around NFT concepts like play-to-earn gamification, rewarding players for winning battles.

Both the Era token and the GOT token power the Era7 gaming economy.

Era tokens can also be used to purchase Master Cards, Battle Cards and NFT mystery boxes, as well as other in-game functionalities like purchasing land, or to get more community rights when participating in governance voting.

If a player wins a PVP battle game, he will receive GOT tokens and a PVP rank.

In-game event incentives, participation in daily PVP and other tournaments, land pledges, and marketplace transactions will be some of the many avenues players will be able to accrue Era tokens.

The fast-growing pace of the Collectible Card Game market increases the growth prospect of TCG-based games like Era7 which brings a more innovative approach by leveraging the power of blockchain to provide Play-to-Earn features to gaming.

With an NFT-powered play2earn economy now added into its gaming structure, Era7 has the potential to outgrow and surpass traditional trading card games.

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