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  • Facebook Goes All In on Metaverse With New Company Name Meta, NFT Push
    It’s official: Facebook goes Meta as it showcases its vision for the future of social media, work, NFTs, and play online.
  • Floki Inu Pumps 223% as Dogecoin, SHIB Rival Plasters Ads Across London
    After Shiba Inu’s rise this week, Floki Inu puts up an even more dramatic climb amidst transaction tax changes and marketing blitz.
  • FATF Crypto Guidance Is Out: Here's What Has Changed
    The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has revised its crypto guidance, modifying the definition of a virtual asset service provider.
  • Dogecoin Jumps 30%, Flips SHIB to Reclaim Meme Coin Throne
    Dogecoin is up 30% in the past 24 hours and has reclaimed its place as the top “meme coin” after briefly losing to Shiba Inu yesterday.
  • Beginner’s Guide to NFTs: How To Mint a Non-Fungible Token on Ethereum
    Turning digital files into non-fungible tokens is simple. Here’s how to get started with minting your first Ethereum NFT.
  • Coinbase Returns to No. 1 in Apple US App Store
    Crypto exchange Coinbase’s app has once again topped the Apple App Store rankings as the most popular free app in the U.S.
  • Remember All That SHIB Vitalik Buterin Burned? It’s Now Worth $32.5 Billion
    Back in May, the developers of memecoin Shiba Inu sent Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin half the supply to burn, banking on his good will.
  • Nifty Gateway Expands Beyond Curated Drops as Ethereum NFT Aggregator
    Gemini’s NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway is reframing itself as an accessible portal to the wider Ethereum NFT ecosystem.
  • Fast Growing 'AWS for Blockchain' Service Alchemy Raises $250M
    Alchemy sells infrastructure for blockchains like Ethereum. Its new $250 Series C round reflects the firm's staggering growth.
  • Bitcoin Miner Greenidge Generation Allegedly Threatened Environmental Activists
    Abi Buddington and Yvonne Taylor, environmental activists in Dresden, New York, claim they were threatened by Greenidge Generation CEO Dale Irwin.
  • Cathie Wood's ARK Invest Buys Meme Stock Robinhood Amid Shib, Doge Rally
    Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest snapped up over 2.2 million shares of Robinhood after the trading app’s stock fell on Wednesday.
  • Wharton Business School to Accept Tuition Payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum
    Students who sign up for an online Wharton course called "Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets" can pay in Bitcoin or Ethereum.
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