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  • Bringing Bitcoin To Casual Investors
    The CTO of Robinhood Crypto discusses his goals of bringing bitcoin to more casual investors.
  • Houston-Based Luxury Auto Dealer To Integrate Bitcoin Services
    Post Oak Motor Cars will be able to finance car sales through NYDIG's suite of Bitcoin services, including BTC-backed loans.
  • Report: Bitcoin Miners, Long-Term Holders Creating BTC Supply Shock
    Although small miners realized “a relatively modest amount of profit” in October, big players in the industry aren’t selling.
  • Miners Are The Optimal Buyers: The Data Behind Bitcoin-Led Decarbonization In Texas
    Comments from Senator Ted Cruz underscore the potential that Bitcoin mining has to integrate with the Texas energy grid in a transformative way.
  • The IMF Hates Bitcoin Because It Loves Total Control
    The IMF hates Bitcoin because its decentralized protocol and programmatic monetary policy defies the control the fund wants to implement on us all.
  • Discussing Bitcoin, Bitcoiners, and Citadels with Aleks Svetski
    A group of convicted Bitcoiners discuss the future of the Bitcoin community
  • The Roadmap For Banks Adopting Bitcoin
    U.S. banking regulators are exploring how traditional banks can hold bitcoin for various purposes.
  • Why The Bitcoin Network Is The Original DAO
    The creation of the Bitcoin network gave realization to the first peer-to-peer consensus mechanism upon which all other DAOs are built.
  • Discussing Bitcoin And Big-Picture Macroeconomics
    Bitcoiners with perspective on macroeconomics discuss the current state of the economy, bitcoin futures ETFs and more.
  • Bitcoin: A Second Chance For The Muslim World
    Bitcoin is the sound money that the Muslim world needs to accelerate into the future.
  • Bitfarms Building Two New Farms Of 78 MW Capacity In Canada
    The two farms are expected to accommodate 21,000 bitcoin mining rigs and generate over 2 EH/s.
  • River Financial Announces White-Glove Mining Service
    River Mining seeks to take the hassle and complexity out of bitcoin mining while allowing clients to own their rigs.
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