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  • Can FLOKI, the new dog in town, be the new DOGE, SHIB-killer
    The market capitalization of Shiba Inu (SHIB) surpassed that of Dogecoin recently. The Ethereum-based token, SHIB, entered the market as a “Dogecoin killer.” This race of the dogs has been a rather interesting one to watch. However, the most relevant question here is this – Will another new dog in town – Floki Inu – […]
  • Cardano, Solana, Polkadot Price Analysis: 28 October
    Bitcoin and Ethereum visibly displayed signs of revival by noting 4% and 3.8% gains on their daily charts, respectively. Altcoins like Cardano, Solana, and Polkadot obliged by presenting an easing bearish momentum. Cardano (ADA) Over the month, ADA oscillated laterally and assumed consolidation between $2.086 and $2.298 until it hit its two-week high on 21 […]
  • Bitcoin, cryptos are ‘Wall Street with new technologies’
    Individuals and even institutions have realized the power of cryptocurrencies. Over the years, traditional financial institutions have begun dipping their toes into digital assets while many others choose to stay out of this pool. Any FOMO concerns here? Well, crypto-tokens have fueled a transformation like nothing seen before – as per this executive of a […]
  • How much did the Ethereum ecosystem lose to crypto-hacks in Q3
    While the crypto-sector has seen exponential growth over the last few years, blockchain-related cyber crimes have also hiked. Cyber security issues and exploitation by hackers have been a major concern across the globe, and the rising frequency of it only adds fuel to the fire. A recent report compiled by Atlas VPN found that the […]
  • Why Bitcoin MUST close above $64,000 in the coming days
    Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be taken as investment advice Bitcoin’s correction has lasted for over a week now, with its value shedding by over 7% after touching record levels around $67,000. However, the king coin, at press time, was in the middle of […]
  • Bitcoin on Twitter’s balance sheet ‘doesn’t make sense today’
    Twitter Inc.’s billionaire Bitcoiner boss Jack Dorsey is all in on Bitcoin. There’s no denying this. Just recently, he tweeted, “Hyperinflation is going to change everything. It’s happening.” At the time, he added, “It will happen in the U.S. soon, and soon the world.” Dorsey believes Bitcoin is the solution to this issue and many […]
  • This is why Ethereum DeFi whales prefer these applications
    The crypto-industry has seen various products gather steam over the past year, with non-fungible tokens [NFTs] being the rage especially. However, a recent study from DappRadar found that although the sudden popularity of NFTs took the industry by storm, there is no comparison to the value generated by decentralized finance [DeFi]. The DeFi space managed […]
  • India ready to embrace CBDC as ‘private cryptos hurt government revenues’
    Depending on which part of the world you live in, you will be able to gain access to not only cryptocurrencies, but also blockchain-related products. While a booming market has turned many countries into crypto-allies, some have remained cautious of its volatility, including India. The push towards central bank digital currencies [CBDC] has been hailed […]
  • India unlikely to ban crypto as it is ‘old school’ according to this exec
    H2: Time for India to take cognizance of China’s CBDC development? Nischal Shetty, the founder of India-based crypto exchange WazirX, recently spoke about the country’s crypto regulations in an interview. Crypto & democracy Shetty emphasized that ‘no democratic nation’ is going ahead with banning crypto. Instead, the countries are looking at ways to regulate the […]
  • Is it time to re-evaluate Cardano’s position in your portfolio
    Unpopular opinions are a commonality in the digital asset space. Crypto-communities often disagree on the question of evaluating a new rising project. There is a better consensus with respect to projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano, however. In the following article, we will be evaluating the latter and understand why its time in the […]
  • Fantom: How to long this inverse head and shoulders pattern
    Buoyed by a broader market recovery, Fantom continued its ascent which kick-started on 27 October following a rebound from $2.8. Should FTM make headway towards the neckline of its head and shoulders pattern, further upside lay in wait after a successful breakout. With spot volumes accumulating across exchanges, traders must keep a close eye on […]
  • Tranche.Finance integrates Yearn on the Fantom network
    Tranche Finance, a decentralized protocol for maximizing returns and minimizing risk – allowing users to plug into existing DeFi protocols at their preferred risk/return levels – has deployed its Crypto Collateralized Debt Obligation (Cypto-CDOs) solution on the Fantom Network.  Tranche introduces debt seniority to DeFi. The protocol integrates with any interest accrual token, such as […]
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