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6 mins ago

Voyager Digital partners with CoinLedger to simplify crypto tax reporting

Cryptocurrency broker Voyager Digital announced a partnership with CoinLedger (formerly CryptoTrader.Tax). It aims to simplify crypto tax reporting for users.

Source: PR Newswire

43 mins ago

World Mobile and the Zanzibar government reached a strategic cooperation

World Mobile announced that it will cooperate with IOG (Input Output Global) and the e-government agency (eGAZ) of the Zanzibar government. They plan to establish a long-term blockchain solution and position the region as Africa Blockchain Center. It is reported that marine economic activities contribute more than 29% of Zanzibar’s GDP and employ 33% of its labor force. However, the region has not yet fully tapped the potential of its blue economy. World Mobile and IOG have reached a strategic cooperation to provide blockchain solutions for such infrastructure. Through this cooperation, World Mobile will develop a blockchain academy. It also plans to build an event and conference center to attract industry professionals and talents from all over the world. The long-term cooperation will be carried out in four stages within five years: education, e-government solutions, blue economy, and model building. Ultimately, the initiative will expand Zanzibar’s blue economy. It will also promote a more significant economic transformation to penetrate other economic sectors. This includes tourism, agriculture and telecommunications. World Mobile said it will provide connectivity to community-owned telecommunications infrastructure and their cost-effective hybrid network. A system will be established and applied together with IOG and eGAZ. This aims to create more efficient and effective governance for the future of Zanzibar.

Source: Developing Telecoms

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