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Total NFT sales exceeded $2.5 billion in the past week


Mon, Jan 17, 2022

In the previous week, NFT sales exceeded $2.5 billion, which has increased by 161% in the past seven days.

According to, NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain accounted for the largest share of sales at $2.45 billion, dominated by NFT projects such as Meebits, which had $1.23 billion in sales with 574 buyers, the number of transactions exceeds 2000.

There has also been an increase in NFT sales on blockchains such as Theta, Wax, and Flow. For example, the data shows that NFT sales on the Theta blockchain increased by more than 490%, the highest increase in the past seven days, while NFT sales on the Wax and Flow blockchains increased by 17.10% and 1.04%, respectively.

Notably, NFT sales on Solana, Polygon, and BSC saw declines, down 36%, 11.5%, and 80%, respectively.

Source: CryptoSlate

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