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Bitcoin DeFi platform ALEX launches mainnet on Stacks


Mon, Jan 17, 2022

ALEX, a DeFi platform that provides full-service Bitcoin, announced the deployment of the mainnet on Stacks, unlocking the DeFi potential of Bitcoin by providing lending services to Bitcoin holders.

Starting January 17, users will be able to use ALEX’s platform to lend a variety of crypto tokens, borrow at fixed rates with no liquidation risk, deposit tokens to earn interest, and mine. In addition, ALEX will also launch a DEX to provide liquidity to traders. These features will help activate the over $1 trillion in Bitcoin sitting idle in wallets.

ALEX also offers a Launchpad where emerging projects can launch their tokens. In addition, community members will vote on potential listing tokens in the Stacks ecosystem. The first token launched on the platform is ALEX’s native token, ALEX, which will support staking when the mainnet goes live on January 17.

Source: BusinessWire

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