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NFT non-profit foundation ORIGYN raised 20 million US dollars


Tue, Nov 23, 2021

NFT non-profit foundation ORIGYN received 20 million US dollars in strategic financing. Among others who participated in the investment were the following:

Hilton Hotel heir and American socialite Paris Hilton, Polychain Capital, and hedge fund investor Bill Ackman's Table Management, Coinko, Vectr Ventures, Carter Reum, Div Turakhia, GD10 Ventures.

ORIGYN currently operates vertical industries including ORIGYN Art, ORIGYN Collectibles, ORIGYN Digital Media, and ORIGYN Luxury. This round of financing will support the mission of the foundation and help to expand and continuously improve ORIGYN's vertical business. In addition, it will be used to fund ongoing research and development and introduce the foundation's industry partners into the ecosystem.

It is reported that ORIGYN is a non-profit foundation located in Switzerland. It was established on DFINITY’s Internet Computer in October 2020. It aims to create digital value for art, collectibles, digital media, and luxury goods, and to provide smartphone users with a method of using digital certificates to verify valuable items.

Source: Businesswire

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